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Rules and Reasoning

:peace: :heart: :)



I don't know about you guys but I am sick and tired of trying to browse through art on here just to have my eyes crapped on with all these hate stamps or motivational posters or whatever stating all this hate and negativity! Saying that someone should die or making fun of someone for any reason is just completely unacceptable! Not only is it mean and hateful but it also shows what a jerk the person is!! We look at art to see beauty and creativity and to make ourselves happy and all this hate is depressing.:(

:idea: This group has been created to point out what is annoying about certain "art" that is posted on this site. I quote art because there are certain things posted that shouldn't be considered art.
Telling someone how much you dislike or hate something or someone in a stamp might be art but it is hateful and just shows who YOU (the one who created it) really are! I'm not talking about just simply stating on a stamp "I hate this or that" I'm talking about hateful words used to hurt someone. It's annoying and not what we come on this site to see! We need to show these people how annoying it is! We need to put a stop to this madness! Also anything ANYTHING that you consider to be crap and not art may be posted in this group. This is your chance to air out your frustration with crap that is in not art! We love deviant art but the hate crap we don't!

:bulletblack: Whatever you post in this group has to be something against crap that is not art, hate or hate related stamps, hate motivational posters, or just something to get your frustrations out about. Also if you just feel like posting some art that has nothing to do with hate go ahead :)

:bulletred: Our favorites section is exclusively for raunchy hate related crap. You must state the reason why the subject you post in the favirites is not what you would consider art or just the reason it annoys you.

:bulletgreen: We are accepting to (Stop the hate stamps) stamps because hey that is what this group is about! We accept your complaints as long as they are not hateful or intentionally hurtful.

:bulletorange: No intentionally hurting people with hateful words! If you break this rule you will be banned!

:peace: :heart: :)
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Random from Favourites

:star:EVERYTHING in the favorites is just hate stamps that are mean, hateful, negative, and crap for the eyes!This is what I am trying to point out is crap and hateful or down right raunchy!!!:star: :shithappens: :thumbsdown:


:bulletblue::bulletpink::bulletpurple::bulletgreen: Together lets stop the hate! :bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletpink::bulletblue:
:peace: :heart: :)
I would like the feature in this blog a good point that I read in the journal titled- Why do we hate humans? in the We Hate Humans Group:

Snake-head fish attack and kill animals for no reason, leaving them behind to die in their own blood. They are even cannibalistic and will eat their own young without even being that hungry in the first place.

Lions kill the young of a lioness just so they can hump the mother without problem.

Dolphins will kill their young just for annoying the crap out of them.

Monkeys and apes will start battles and even wars amongst themselves and even other animals because they have something that they want. Other animals will do this as well, even so far as forming groups to fight one another for territory or a better place to sleep because it's more comfortable.

Most male animals, rhinos, bucks, rams, buffalo, bird's of all kinds, elephants, wildcats, hippos, what have you will fight to the death just to prove they're better than the other.

Most female animals, birds, wildcats, rodents, etc, will shove out of home/eat their own young just because they have a cold or are too small.

I don't hate humans, I hate humans that think they're one a pedestal over other humans because they realize the faults of humanity. I hate that these humans are "allowed" to pass judgment on other humans when they themselves are the same in every way.   

I do hate the fact that humans can betray, annoy, and destroy everything they touch. I hate that humans can so easily cast aside people who they've known forever just for a taste of something "better". I hate that humans do many things in excess for no apparent reason at all, just because they can. But I do not hate humans.

If you are reading this now, you are using the internet, invented by man. If you are reading this, you are on a computer or other internet accessing device, which was made by human hands. If you're reading this, you were taught by humans to read. If you're reading this, you are likely in or near a building, constructed by human hands, with internet access, somewhere to sit or loiter, fingers to type, a mind to state your opinion, emotion to feel, an an opinion to state just as everyone else does.

I love humans because I have friends whom I trust with my life and have never let me down. I love humans because together we can appreciate nature as a whole, even when the animals in it can be douche bags just as much or more as any human. I love humans because it was humans that raised me with an appreciation for nature, a love for all human kind despite their faults, a mind to think clearly and make an assessment on life without prejudice despite my emotions, and who loved me with all their hearts. I love humans because my siblings are human and have been my best friends since the day they each were born, how we've played together, laughed together, loved each other and protected each other. I love humans because the man of my life is human and he has never wronged me despite his own fears about himself. The once shelled off heart that he clung to has opened up to me and mine to his, and together we cannot be stopped in our love for each other. We may get angry with each other, we may not always agree, but I love him, he is my human, and I am his.

Hating humans because they're human is a stupid and fruitless effort. Hating modern majority society, sure. Hating how the leaders of our world handle things, that's fine to. But hating humans because that's how and what they were born as is a hypocritical, selfish, and insanely egotistical thing to do. You bleed the same as I do, you are flesh and bone, you have emotions and opinions, and just like all those humans in power that could do something to help the human race as opposed to hurting it, you could be doing it too. Instead of spewing hate and making humans even more deplorable in your eyes, you all should be trying to fix the problem by showing those cold hearted and hateful humans that there is love for them, that there is a better way to go about living in the world than just greedily clawing at everything they can get their hands at. That there is more than outward appearances, sex appeal, riches, materialistic living, etc. What you're doing is counterproductive, it only makes things worse, and no matter what your personal experiences have been in the world, you know there are humans out there that are the complete opposite of what you know and have seen that have cause you to hate them so much. You WOULD know if you would simply look in the right places.
I love anime, manga, video games, the internet, books, reading, writing, fantasy stories, warm beds, hot showers, cold drinks, cuddling with my mom's puppy, watching informational tv on animals, food, and how to build things. I love making cakes, drawing pictures, learning new things, stimulating conversation, and chilling with my friends and family all the time. I love meeting new people, going to anime conventions, having a social live, role playing on the internet, chatting in chat rooms, and sharing my art. ALL of these things would not be possible without the intelligence, emotion, drive, imagination, passion, and soul of human kind.

If you want humans to be better, start with the humans closest to you and fix your own selves before trying to tell others how jacked up they are.

I know what I say may never change anyone's mind, and many may thing I'm a simple and naive human in a world full of bad, but MY world is full of good that far outweighs the bad, and MY world is worth living in and loving wholeheartedly, and though many have tried, none have succeeded in changing that mindset in me because there is more to life than poachers, slavers, and corporate takeovers. There is the love of family and friends, the kindness of a stranger's smile, and the thought that helping a single human being in love and kindness can turn their black world upside down into a world of light.

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Defleshed-Martyr Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
ChocolateQuill Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012
You do realize you're creating more hate with this group, right?
Essande Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2012
Nice hate-group you've started here to stomp on the opinions that are shared by a great many deal of people here.  I've noticed that the stamps you have pointed out all have several favorites so clearly the people who made them are not alone in their opinions.  While those saying that certain celebrities should die are indeed mean-spirited, it happens.  It is part of human nature.  And seeing as you yourself state that you hate that mean-spirited part of the human-psyche I find this whole group hypocritical.  You say certain animals do the terrible things?  Humans are animals too and just because we are "higher-functioning" does not excuse us from that fact.  You're blaming snakes for having fangs when you bitch about people having negative opinions because on the internet our words are our fangs.

I think it's quite ironic actually.  You say you're here to see "art" but I see very little here.  "Your Shitty Motivational Posters Don't Belong Here" in the gallery?  My how mean spirited when I bet most people here who upload them think they're actually being quite witty.  Yes, those pieces don't belong here, and maybe you think if you blare you waahmbulance siren loud enough staff will do something about it.  But DA staff doesn't care.  They don't care.  I don't care.  And do you know why I don't care?  Because I can actually manage to look past those things and see the art say, sitting right next to those submissions you call "crap" and claim you hate before hoping on your flowery-hypocrite bus.  You whine and bitch and moan your here to see art and yet this gallery is filled with stamps that, while they are opinions and I do not begrudge anyone of them, they're not art.  They're not art and you're putting them on a pedestal here.  You're bitching about opinions.  And then putting opinions on a pedestal.

While I'm sure your soapbox that you stand on has a great view and all.  Get off it.  You want peace and love and harmony?  Then don't bitch about people having stronger worded opinions about things than your sensitive eyes can handle.  In fact.  If you don't want to see the hate-fest that humanity as a whole is known for by shear merit of the fact that we -are- humans with a history of war and chaos as far back as creation, then get off the internet, sound-proof your home, shut the windows and never leave.  It everywhere.  But you have to take the bad with the good.  Just like anything else.  This includes DA and its submissions because here's a newsflash.  People are going to keep posting motivational posters.  People are going to keep posting stamps.  Half the time it's going to be hateful and you know what?  Making a group to showcase that is just giving the kind of thing you dislike more attention.  It's going to get all kinds of attention.  Even the kind you don't want.  It's just fuel for the fire.  And groups like this add so much of that fuel.  Good going there.

Oh, and don't get me started on how you're a Daria fan when that show is built around the sentiment of hate.  Not to mention your username which makes me hurt inside with the utter irony of it, though I suppose that was chosen five years ago before all the bile in your system at seeing STRONG opinions writing on non-art stamps made you wish the world was a better place.  A place you could segregate emotions and call people's effort, no matter how little or much "crap" without a second thought and call yourself a good person for having taken the higher road of peaceful protest.  And you know what?  The more I shift through this gallery and your personal gallery, the more I actually feel myself wanting to find you.  Find you and punch you.  Punch you in the face.  Because the more I look at this, the more I realize I've come to hate you. It's like you're the embodiment of what's wrong with the internet.  

Have you even bothered looking at the galleries of some of these stamp-makers you've so readily hated on? *Alexander-Slavros's is *full* of beautiful propaganda posters.  :persnicketese: is by no means a bad artist.  :weirdofreako17: is a poet.  Did you ever stop to consider that maybe there is more to a person's gallery that one strongly worded stamp?
yourallgnnadie Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can't argue with you on this. I was searching art one day and kept running across a lot of those hate stamps and posters. I snapped, and on a whim decided to make this group LOL. I guess you could say this "group" is more of a huge rant about how annoyed I was that day. Aside from that I am going to leave it alone and see how many comments and criticisms I can accumulate!
ChocolateQuill Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012
:iconclapplz: just...just brilliant. I came here to say something along these my own way of course...but you already said what needed to be said. Brilliance, my friend.

The way to stop the hate is to spread the open mind and find diplomatic (and logical, PLEASE make it logical) ways to share our opinion. The way to FAIL at 'stopping the hate' is dropping an entire bucketful of extra hate on top of that hate, and sprinkling of hate on top of the giant pile of hate already created....
Essande Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2012
I'm honestly hopeful this group is dead. Given the lack of activity in it.
ChocolateQuill Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2012
Yeah true.
yourallgnnadie Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hate is a strong word. I would have to say that these haters should stop and REALLY look at the thing they say they hate. Because they may realize that they actually LOVE it!
Tierra-Davies Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2011  Student Photographer
Why Did You Add My piece into This , Its Expressing Emotions in a Way , People can Relate to ?
rainbowmonkey9 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011
.____. AHHHH I just looked at the group name before letting my stamp get in, can you send me the request again? ;A; Sorry
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